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Nuremberg Jetons

The Legends

The obverse legend usually takes the form ‘Guild Master's name in Nuremberg’, with the master’s name varying in spelling, and the place-name varying in both spelling and the extent of abbreviation. By way of example, the following are just a few of the forms used on the jetons attributed to Hans Krauwinckel II.








The legends listed below are those that normally appear on the reverse of the jetons. It should be noted that the same basic legend is usually found in a variety of different forms. This arises as a result of spelling not being standardised at the time, and words being abbreviated in many different ways. Only one typical form of each legend is listed. Most of the legends are in German, but where this is not the case, the language is shown immediately after the translation.

It should be noted that many jetons, particularly early ones, are inscribed with meaningless strings of letters, described as ‘fictitious legends’. Others have badly blundered legends, for which the intended rendering is barely recognisable. Occasionally, reversed ‘mirror-image’ legends are also found.

AN GOTES SEGEN IS ALES GE - Everything is given on God’s blessing

ANFANG BEDENCK DAS ENDT – (At the) beginning, consider the end

DAS WORT GOTES BLEIBT EWICK - The word of God endures forever

FLEISIGE RECHNVNG MACHT RICHTIKEIT - Diligent accounting makes for accuracy

GETRIVW HANDT KOMBT DVRCH ALLE - Truth succeeds over everything

GLICK IST WALCZET - Fortune is changeable

GLICK KVMPT VON GOT IST WAR - Truly, good fortune comes from God

GLVCK BESCHERT IST VNGEWERT - Fortune given is not guaranteed

GLVCK KVMBT VON GOT ALEIN - Good fortune comes from God alone

GLVCK VND GLAS WIE BALD BRICHT DAS - Luck and glass, how soon they break

GOT ALEIN DIE EERE SEI - To God alone the glory

GOTES GABEN SOL MAN LOB - One should praise God’s gifts

GOTES REICH BLEIBT EWICK - God’s Kingdom endures forever

GOTES SEGEN MACHT REICH - God’s blessing maketh rich (from Proverbs 10, 22)

HEVT RODT MORGEN TODTT - Today red, tomorrow dead

LIB MICH ALS ICH DIH - Love me as I love you

NEYDT THVT IHM SELBST LEYDT - Envy does oneself harm

PIETATE ET IVSTITIA - Compassion and Justice (Latin)

RECHENPFENING - Reckoning penny

RECHENPFENING NVRENBER - Reckoning penny, Nuremberg

S MARCVS EVANGELLIST GOTT - Saint Mark, Evangelist of God

SCHIF PFENING NVRENBERG - Ship penny, Nuremberg

SOLI DEO GLORIA - To God alone the glory (Latin)

VERBVM DOMINI MANET IN ETERNVM - The word of God remains eternal (Latin)

VIVE LE BON ROI DE FRA - Long live the good king of France (French)

VIVE NVM DE NVRENVM - Long live the coins [i.e. jetons] of Nuremberg (French)

VOLGVE LA GALLEE DE FRANCE - Let the French galley sail (French)

WER GOT VERTRAVT HAT [auf keinen sand gebaut] – Trust in God provides a firm foundation (Literally: Whoever trusts in God has [not built on a sand foundation])

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