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Nuremberg Jetons

The Guild Masters

The masters are listed alphabetically in family groups, each of which is ordered chronologically, based on the first recorded date. It should be borne in mind that throughout most of the period under consideration, many anonymous jetons were struck. Some of these can be attributed to a known master on the basis of style, or by special marks used in the design; others remain unassigned.



Christoph Sigmund: master 1734, died 1754/68

Wolfgang Magnus (son of Christoph Sigmund): master 1778, died before 1816



Iohann Iacob: master 1711, last record 1748

Iohann Adam (son of Iohann Iacob): master 1746, died 1762/68



Iohann (Hans) Albrecht: master 1732, died 1783



Wolf Hieronymus: master 1719, last record 1756

Iohann Hieronymus: Fl. 1756



Iohann Konrad: master 1705, died 1743

Albrecht Hoger (son of Iohann Konrad): master 1735, died 1789



Zacharias: Fl late 16th to early 17th century



Kilianus: first dated jetons 1587, died 1632



Damianus: master 1543, died 1581

Hans I (brother of Damianus): master 1562, died 1586

Egidius (son of Damianus): master 1570, died 1613

Hans II (son of Damianus): master 1586, died 1635


Laufer or Lauffer

Wolf (Wulf) I: master 1554, died 1601

Hans I (son of Wolf I): issuing jetons 1607, master 1611, died 1632

Georg I (son of Wolf I): master 1610, died 1647 (didn’t strike jetons?)

Matheus (son of Wolf I): master 1612, died 1634

Wolff II (son of Wolf I): master 1612, died 1651

Conrad (son of Hans I): master 1637, died 1668

Georg II (son of Wolf II): master 1648/51, died 1662 (didn’t strike jetons?)

Wolff III (son of Wolf II): master 1650, died 1670

Cornelius (son of Conrad): master 1658, died 1711

Lazarus Gottlieb (son of Conrad): master 1663, died 1709

Hans II (son of Cornelius): master 1686, left Nuremberg 1716

Hans Paulus (son of Cornelius): master 1697, died 1712


Leykauff or Leichkauff or Leikauf

Michael: master 1724, retired 1768



Hans: Fl. 1662–1692

Hans Michael (son of Hans): Fl. 1686-1692


Schultes or Schulteis

Iorg (George): master 1515, died 1559

Hans I (son of Iorg): master 1553, died 1584

Hans II (son of Hans I): master 1586, died 1603

Hans III (son of Hans II): master 1608, last record 1612



Iohann Adam: master 1737, last record 1760



Hans (Iohann): master 1670, died 1727

Iohann Friedrich (son of Hans): master 1710, last record 1765



Hans: Fl. 1553-1586

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