Long Cross Pennies

Revision History

01 Aug 2011
Original version (published on UKDFD website).
05 Oct 2017
Added to this website, reformatted, new images added.
24 May 2018
Class 3 section expanded to show the classification with and without the Churchill/Thomas revisions separately.
Illustrations and descriptions of the star initial marks of classes 1 to 4 added to the class 3 section.
25 May 2019
Format/layout improvements, no change to content.
10 Oct 2019
Note added to illustration of class 5d3 coin.
09 Dec 2019
Single images for Class 1b and 4ab replaced with sliding galleries. Reference to sliding galleries added to the Introduction.
11 Apr 2020
Single image for class 5i replaced with sliding gallery. Two new images of class 5i coin added. Criteria for 5i expanded.
03 May 2020
Image of Hereford reverse illustration on Mints and Moneyers page replaced with better example. Details of coin in description changed accordingly.
22 Oct 2020
Erroneous reference to 'Canterbury mint only' removed from class 5c3 coin.

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