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Short Cross Pennies

Class 2

Class 2 (c.1189-c.1190) - Spink 1346; North 965

Class 2 is not subdivided, but there are some differences between the coins struck at the main mints of Canterbury and London on the one hand, and those of the provincial mints on the other. The upper gallery illustrates representative coins of the first group, and the lower image, a Lincoln coin, represents the second.

Common to main and provincial mints:

  • Face is often quite rounded

  • Hair curls are wiry and high on head

  • Beard usually on chin only, not sides of face

  • Crown almost always has five pearls

  • Letter E is round with thick crescent

  • Letters M and N are very wide

  • Letter N has four serifs

  • Letter X is often pommée style

Main mints only:

  • Beard of multiple wiry whiskers

  • King's title is divided thus: R/EX

Provincial mints only:

  • Beard of short bristles or small pellets

  • King's title is often divided thus: RE/X

Mints: Canterbury, Carlisle(?), Exeter(?), Lichfield, Lincoln, London, Northampton(?), Winchester(?), Worcester, York

2 Lincoln.jpg

Class 2 Note

Lawrence originally divided class 2 into two sub-classes, 2a and 2b, but the latter sub-class was reattributed to 4a* in the 1960s.

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