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Short Cross Pennies

Revision History

20 May 2019
Original version.
27 May 2019
Class 1 page: Images of Class 1b1 and 1b2 replaced.
Class 4 page: Image of Class 4a replaced.
8 June 2019
Detailed tables of mints and moneyers added.
Link to tables added to Mints and Moneyers page.
14 June 2019
Tables of mints and moneyers updated.
Notes added to foot of Mint and Moneyer Tables page.
Further identification criteria added to Class 7b1 description.
22 July 2019
New section, 'The Sub-Classification of Class 7 - Further Guidance' added.
Note with link to the new section added to foot of Class 7 page.
08 Dec 2019
Single images for Class 7a1 and Class 8c replaced with sliding galleries on Class 7 and Class 8 sections respectively. Reference to sliding galleries added to the Introduction.