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Short Cross Pennies

Mint and Moneyer Tables

In the following tables, X indicates that a coin of the type exists; O indicates that the coin is known only as an obverse mule; R indicates that the coin is known only as a reverse mule; ? indicates a degree of uncertainty.

Class 1

Class 2

Class 3

Class 4

Class 5

Class 6

Class 7

Class 8



The following entries to the tables are recent additions post-dating the publication of SCBI 56 (2001).

Class 1a2/1a?: Northampton, Hugo (based on UKDFD 55138)

Class 4c/4b: Shrewsbury, Ive (based on UKDFD 46952)

Class 5c: Chichester, Willelm (based on UKDFD 142)

Class 7b3: London, Terri (based on UKDFD 46827)

The highlighted links above may be clicked to view the referenced coin. The obverse of the class 4c/4b penny of Shrewsbury clearly has a reversed S, a diagnostic feature of this class, although the upper and lower elements of the letter are misaligned. The S on the reverse of the coin is similarly misaligned, but not reversed. It is possibly from the same dies as Mass 1139 (SCBI 56), which is classified as 4b, but the letter S on both sides of that coin are less clear.

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