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Richard II Pennies



The images used in this article are derivatives of images from the following sources: private coin owners, records published on the UK Detector Finds Database (UKDFD) and records published on the website of the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS). My thanks are due to all of the foregoing for allowing the use of their images, and to the detectorists whose finds constitute the records. The coins illustrated are probably all individual metal-detecting finds made since the 1970s.

The images derived from records published on the PAS website are used under a CC By-SA licence. The use of images under this Creative Commons licence does not imply that the licence holder endorses any of the comments made, or opinions expressed, by the present website owner.


The source of each image is as shown below. The Arabic number following the coin type is the image number in the sliding gallery, where applicable. In the case of York coins struck from local dies, the group letter replaces the type number.

Classification Section

London Ia-1

London Ia*-1 

UKDFD 50439

London Ia*-2


London IV-1

UKDFD 46463

Durham Ia-1

UKDFD 3978

York Ia-1

UKDFD 50275

York Ia-2

UKDFD 19878

York Ib-1

UKDFD 56400

York IIa-1


York IIb-1

UKDFD 25403

York IIb-2

UKDFD 21065

York IIIa-1


York IIIa-2


York IIIb-1

UKDFD 16549

York IIIb-2


York IV-1

PAS LIN-5421F7


Local Dies Section

York Gr. A-1

UKDFD 24377

York Gr. A-2

UKDFD 46669

York Gr. A-3

UKDFD 20714

York Gr. B-1

UKDFD 25653

York Gr. C-1

UKDFD 49443

York Gr. D-1

UKDFD 38854

York Gr. D-2

UKDFD 40447

York Gr. D-3

UKDFD 33845

York Gr. D-4

UKDFD 29863

York Gr. E-1

UKDFD 28600

York Gr. F-1



Identification Aids Section

York mule (a)

UKDFD 40130

York mule (b)

UKDFD 56398

York mule (c)

Private collection

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