Long Cross Pennies

Class 1 sub-classes


Class 1a (1247)

  • Obverse legend is HENRICVS REX

  • Reverse legend is ANGLIE TERCI

  • Neither the mint nor the moneyer are named on the coin

  • The beard is rendered naturalistically, using strokes

  • The king’s hair is visible above the crown band on some coins (as gallery image 1)


Class 1b (1247 - 1248)

  • Obverse legend is HENRICVS REX ANG

  • Reverse legend begins LIE TERCI and ends with the mint signature: LON or LVN (London: gallery images 1 and 2), CAN (Canterbury: gallery image 3) or AED (Bury St Edmunds)

  • The beard is usually rendered using pellets

Notes regarding class 1 sub-classes

Sub-class 1a is very rare.

In Lawrence’s original classification of the coinage, sub-classes 1a and 1b were designated class I* and class I respectively.

Mules occur between the sub-classes 1a and 1b and also between 1b and class 2.