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Early Edwardian Pennies

Group 13

Type 13 (c.1315-c.1317) - Spink 1459; North 1064

Coins of type 13 are classified primarily by the form of their crown. It has a straight-sided central fleur, sometimes described as shaped like a ‘battle-axe’. The ornaments are arrowheads, and the left-hand one often resembles the broken ornament of group 11. The right side-fleur is nicked on the outer edge, and breaks during the issue. The initial cross consists of four wedges. The letter E has an angular back, the lower part of which becomes damaged on later coins.

King’s name: EDWAR
Mints: Bury, Canterbury, Durham, London

General Note

There is only one type in group 13, and it is not sub-divided.

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