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Early Edwardian Halfpennies

Revision History

12 Aug 2012

Original version (published on UKDFD website).

18 Oct 2017
Added to this website, reformatted, some revised text and new images.
22 Mar 2020
Single image for Star-Marked Issue, Class 2 replaced with a sliding gallery that includes image of rare variety with Lombardic N's. Description slightly modified. Reference to sliding galleries added to the Introduction.
24 Mar 2020
Single image for Type 10-11 (2*) replaced with a sliding gallery of two images. Description slightly modified.
28 Mar 2020
Single image for Types 3c-e, 3e and 4c replaced with sliding galleries to illustrate coins of various mints. Descriptions slightly modified.
29 May 2020
Single image for Star-Marked Issue, Class 4 replaced with a sliding gallery that includes image of Withers Type 4 variety. Description updated accordingly.
02 Jun 2020
Descriptions for Type 4e, Type 6 and Type 7 revised. Single image for Type 6 replaced with sliding gallery to illustrate examples with and without curved line below the drapery, and progressive disintegration of the crown punch. Single image for Type 7 replaced with sliding gallery showing examples with double-barred and unbarred N's on the obverse.
07 Jun 2020
Single image for Star-Marked Issue, Class 3 replaced with a sliding gallery of two representative images.
22 Jun 2020
Single image for Type 3g replaced with a sliding gallery to illustrate coins of London and Bristol mints. Image of Type 10-11 (2) replaced with clearer one of same coin.
19 Jul 2020
Image of Star-Marked Issue, Class 5 coin of Reading added to Classification page and Mints page.

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