Galley Halfpence

Revision History

03 Nov 2006

Original version (published on UKDFD website).

19 Oct 2017

Added to this website, reformatted, some revised text and new images.

01 Jul 2020

Images of soldini of Antonio Venier and Agostino Barbarigo added. Structure and text slightly altered to allow for illustrations of each reign, rather than each type, to be accommodated.

02 Jul 2020

Images and descriptions of soldini of Tommaso Mocenigo and Andea Gritti added. 'Return to Top' button added to page.

05 Jul 2020

Images and descriptions of soldini of Andrea Contarini, Francesco Foscari and Nicolo Marcello added. Acknowledgements section added. Various minor revisions made to text.

08 Jul 2020

Image of soldino of Tommaso Mocenigo replaced. Images of other soldini improved by processing. Text revised as applicable.

14 Jul 2020

Image of soldino of Francesco Foscari replaced. Text revised as applicable.

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