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Printed Sources

Bailey, Gordon

Bailey, Gordon

Butler, William

Cripps, Anne (Ed)

Egan, Geoff, and Pritchard, Francis

Griffiths, Nick

Mitchiner, Michael

Moir, W

Read, Brian

Read, Brian

Datafile (The Searcher, June 1989)

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Rescuing the Past (Countryman Books, 1970)

Dress Accessories c.1150-c.1450 (MoL, 1991)

Medieval Harness Pendants (Finds Research Group Datasheet 5)

Medieval Pilgrim & Secular Badges (Hawkins Publications, 1986)

The Aldbourne Foundry & Cast Rumbler Bells (Antique Metalware Society Journal, 1996)

History Beneath Our Feet (Merlin Books, 1988)

Metal Artefacts of Antiquity (Portcullis Publishing, 2001)

Internet Sources

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