About this website

This website is a repository for various articles I have written, most of which have been published on the UK Detector Finds Database (UKDFD) since 2005. The articles relate mainly to coins that have circulated at various times in Britain, and to their identification and classification. A smaller number relate to metal detecting and metal-detecting finds more generally.

The site also has the latest version of my CoinSearcher tool. This aims to assist with the identification of worn or corroded coins and those with incomplete legends, such as cut halfpennies and farthings of the early Plantagenet period.
A personal website provides the most convenient and flexible means of editing and updating the articles and software. This includes not only reflecting the most recent advances in knowledge, but also replacing illustrations as better images become available, and making aesthetic and functional improvements.
Some of the articles have been updated in the course of creating the website; future updates will be made progressively. Each article on the website includes a status indicator showing its current issue date, along with a link to its revision history. This can be found at the foot of the first page of the applicable article.

Rod Blunt

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